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For over 35 years, EuroComponents has designed and manufactured MONOLITE®
prefabricated bathroom pods and kitchen pods.
EuroComponents prefabricated pods, which are fully furnished and fitted,
are ready for installation in many kinds of structures.

A simple, linear, flexible and time saving solution.
Simple because MONOLITE® is delivered to the construction site finished down
to the last detail; it simply needs to be connected to the wiring and plumbing;
Linear because the production process is clear and based on years of experience;
Flexible because each pod is personalised and is designed for the specific context
where it will be installed, both in technical and aesthetic terms, according to the client’s
needs and requirements.
Time Saving because it guarantees rapid production and delivery times.

EuroComponents prefabricated MONOLITE® pods are the ideal choice for creating
bathrooms and kitchens for hotels, hospitals, large private residences and many other sectors.
Pod Handling
Planning & Design
Description of photo hereDescription of photo here

Description of photo here
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