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NBK Architectural Terracotta uses state-of-the-art technology along with the three elements of fire, water and clay to produce architectural terracotta facades to a stunning collection of projects around the globe.

NBK has developed the TERRART® terracotta façade system, a ventilated curtain wall/rainscreen system whose exposed components are made exclusively from terracotta. The system components are manufactured so as to maximize shape accuracy and guarantee best fit. State- of-the-art drying and firing techniques allows a near tolerance-free production of units up 300 cm long.

The TERRART®-Flex support system – a patent developed within the TERRART® product range – comprises of a mere 15 individual components and ensures excellent integration of the system in any classical and contemporary wall construction.

Today, the TERRART®-system is used in all its variants across the globe, it is ideal for projects where largesized or oversized elements support wind load and structural and design aesthetic are a consideration.

NBK offers an endless abundance of size, colours, shapes, textures and glaze options. Their strength lies in the development of customer specific and extraordinary façade variations in collaboration with architects in order to bring their boldest visions to life by means of material innovation, design collaboration and the development of new shapes, technologies and methods of creative architecture.

IBP are proud to have partnered with NBK in the following Australian projects:


Cabrini Hospital

Melbouren Victoria

Product or Material : NBK Large Tiles/ NBK Baguettes

Contractor or Architect: Bates Smart Architects/Kane Construction/ IND Windows



Product or Material: NBK Baguettes

Contractor or Architect: Bates Smart Architects/Taylor Constructions/ AMA Windows


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